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Workshop for Kids and Adults


A recurrent event, first or sometimes second Saturday each month.

Between 10:00 - 16:00

Be creative with your child or grandchild.
Immerse yourself together.

The price for an adult / child course is 300, -
Each additional child costs 150,-
It i possible for one adult to attend with a maximum of 4 kids.
If you want to bring more kids, you will have to team up with an extra adult

Recommended age for the kids 4-15 years .

It covers over 2 hours in the workshop. Here you will each get a lump of clay, be introduced, guided and helped to make one of 3 things represented on the table.

It is possible to paint the clay before firing.
The items you make will then be glazed and burned.
3-4 weeks later the items can be picked up.

If the next seats are not already taken, It's possible to book more time and buy more clay if you get hooked ...

Buy a seat now or show at 10, 12 or 14.00.

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