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Weekend Workshop

kr1.500,00 - Coming soon

Due to COVID-19, all of my workshops are shut down until further notice....

Ceramic class - beginners and practiced

Stoneware workshop - 10 seats.

The workshop is for those who are interested in colors and decoration. For those of you who dream of working with clay, have previously worked with clay or are a beginner without knowledge? Everyone can join, both practiced and beginner. I will personally guide along the way.
We start with the versatile stoneware. I will show simple techniques for making bowls, cups, plates etc.
In a workshop I will demonstrate how I work with the concept of "inlay clay", in which forms lie in other shades of clay in the already modeled or rolled clay. With this technique you can apply a colorful decoration of the clay already in the construction phase, and in this way create several layers for the final decoration. The technique makes it possible to draw with the clay and use the clay surface as a canvas.

If you find the time during the scheduled programme - you can also try out the pottry whell. Please note, there is only
Two wheels available, so sharing is a given.


Day 1 (4 hours) 10-1400
Workshop with Pi Bjørg - inlay clay, decoration with colored clay into clay. Afterwards, you can try out the technique yourself and create your own unique works.

Day 2 (4 hours) 10-14.00
You continue your own work from the day before or start new ones, based on the technique from the workshop. By the end of the day, you must have completed your works, done finish details as well as decoration.

Day 3 - glazing (2 hours) 10-12.00
Glazing of bisque fired works.
If you can not attempt, it´s okay, it isn´t mandatory,
I can glaze the items for you, in a matt ot glossy transparent glaze.

Note: Der opkræves et gebyr på 50% af deltagerprisen ved aflysninger fortaget senere end 3 dage før kursusstart.

Ved kursus start lørdag skal der meldes afbud senest onsdag kl. 10.00

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